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Clark marches alongside Veterans in NYC during Veterans Day Parade

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Clark flew to New York City to march alongside friends and veterans for UCLA's Operation Mend Organization in which they provide advanced surgical and medical treatment for post-9/11-era warriors injured during combat operations or while training for service, as well as comprehensive psychological healthcare and social support for both wounded warriors and their family members.

Clark posted a few pictures on his Instagram Story while he was marching during the Veterans Day Parade in downtown New York City

Clark also posted this picture below w/ status update

Clark also updated us on Twitter with the below tweet.

Trina K Mahmood Tweeted the following about running into Clark Gregg in NYC.

Thank you for appearing out of nowhere to help some random NYC visitors from the Deep South in how to get to Madison Square Park for the #NYCVeteransDayParade! You could have passed as a fellow Southerner with all that hospitality!

If you would like to look into more information on Operation Mend

All funding for the care of our wounded warriors and their families comes from the support of grateful Americans.


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