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Clark Gregg is my favorite actor and to be honest, favorite human being. Clark has been nothing shy of amazing every time I met him in person. So my goal when I left C2E2 was to create something to not only give back to him but to give to his fans. ​

I met Clark for the first time in Cincinnati Ohio, Sept 2018. What most people don't realize is, that almost didn't happen. I had lost my Grandmother exactly 1 week before. We had to take her off life support and then after the burial, I just wasn't sure if i had it in me to go to a Comic Con. ​

I am thankful that some people who love me told me to go. They knew how badly I wanted to meet Clark. So, I packed up and went off to meet him and I can honestly say, it was the single greatest day of my life which ended in getting his signature tattooed on my arm. 

Flash forward to March 2019, I traveled to Chicago to meet him again. This whole experience just solidified my adoration for Clark. When I left Chicago, I had made up my mind that I was going to dedicate a website to him. 

When I began the website, the name for it was important to me. I wanted it to be unique but also catchy. ​Growing up, I was a wrestling fan and my favorite website for my favorite wrestler was called Edge University. I found that so fascinating and catchy. Last year, that website decided to close and it broke my heart. While thinking of a website name, I just felt like it would not only be a great tribute to that memory but also a fun name for my website. 

My goal is to give all Clark Gregg fans a place to go for all and any information on the man himself. Just knowing that he supports this means the entire world to me. 

So if you are new to Clark Gregg University, thank you for visiting and enjoy the master class that is...Clark Gregg.


Class is in session! ​


Our logo for the website is in honor of Clark Gregg's origin in the acting world. 

Clark Gregg began his career as you know, with the Atlantic Theater Company. This company resides in New York. If you look close to the windows, you will see a beautiful cross. 

What most people do not know, this building before being turned into a illustrious theater was once a Episcopalian Church. 

Clark not only grew up Episcopalian but his dad was a Episcopalian priest. 

With Clark's history with the company and his role as former artistic director in the late 80's, early 90's, we wanted to pay homage to this endeavor. 

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