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Clark Gregg in The New Adventures of Old Christine


  • TV series created by Kari Lizer.

  • Aired on  CBS (March 13,2006 - May 12, 2010)

  • After being canceled after 5 seasons on CBS, ABC attempted to pick it up. Unfortantly due to high licensing fee, decided against it. 

  • Sitcom aired for a total of 88 episodes. 


Clark played Richard Campbell (ex-husband to Christine) for 5 seasons. With an ensemble like this, how can you not have a hit sitcom on your hands? Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Wanda Sykes and Hamish Linklater are a few of the big names in this show.  This comedy TV series ran from 2006 -2010 and had an even bigger special guest list if you can believe it. With names like Blair Underwood, Eric McCormack, Scott Bakula, Tim DeKay, Jane Lynch, Constance Zimmer as well as many others.


Richard and Christine divorced but also had a son Richie, and this series is about how they cope with said struggles. Richard finds a new girlfriend which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but her name is also Christine. With the upcoming predicament, she is dubbed “New Christine.”

“I still walk around pretty normally, it definitely changed a little bit when I was on a little sitcom called The New Adventures of Old Christine.  Still, people come up to me and just say, “Oh it's just that guy.”

On Popularity changing after New Christine Sitcom – Cincinnati Comic Expo Panel

Clark Gregg - Sept 15, 2018

Even though this sitcom had many guest stars over the 5 years they were on air, one of the most interesting guest stars ended up being Clark's real wife, Jennifer Grey (best known for Dirty Dancing).

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