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Clark Gregg set to participate in the L.A. show of 24 Hour plays

Clark Gregg is no stranger to the 24 Hour Plays. He last appeared during the pandemic show over zoom in 2020.

This time though, it will be live and in person. 24 Hour Plays is going to Los Angeles on October 2nd, 2023. Clark is set to appear when they run their show at the Hudson Theater on Santa Monica Blvd, The show is full of collaborators who write, rehearse and perform new plays and musicals in a 24-hour time span. This is a one night fundraiser and it benefits the Entertainment Community Fund, which is a nonprofit that supports entertainment industry workers.

Clark Gregg is listed as an actor in the 24 Hour Plays.

Tickets are available online at this link and starts at $50.

The 24 Hour Plays are the perfect way to promote creativity and raise awareness during this difficult time,” said Chelsea Frei, a producer on the event who will also host the festivities. “I’ve joined their annual return to Los Angeles as a producer to work with this group of wildly talented artists to raise money for an important cause.”

Added Jacqmin, a participating writer and WGA strike captain: “The 24 Hour Plays show up for artists at the outset of their careers and never stop showing up. Almost as soon as the WGA went on strike, The 24 Hour Plays came through yet again to highlight our work and our struggle.”

Source - Hollywood Reporter

This is the video to Clark's last appearance in 2020.

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