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  • The Atlantic Theater Company was formed in 1985. 

  • Clark Gregg is a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company alongside David Mamet, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman and  the rest of the NYU Class of '85.

  • Clark Gregg was once the Artistic Director for Atlantic Theater Company. He is still on the Board for the company.

  • They run as a Off-Broadway Theater  Company through the "Linda Gross Theater" in NYC. 


The Atlantic Theater Company was founded in New York City as a Off-Broadway acting company. David Mamet along with William H. Macy taught their inaugural class at New York University and started up the the Atlantic Theater Company in 1985 which consisted of the entire class. A part of that original class was Clark Gregg who graduated in 1986.


Clark has written, directed and acted in over a dozen theater acts. His theater career began earlier than his movie/tv career. His first official act in theater is credited in the year 1985 and is still going strong as his next project is a play once again under David Mamet, called "The Christopher Boy's Communion" in which Clark will be playing Alan. 

The main director and screen-writer that Clark has based his directing and writing off of is David Mamet. He gives David credit for how he channeled his writing style in his feature film "Trust Me" as he uses his style and language elements as a focus. 

When Clark Gregg graduated from NYU - Tisch School of the Arts, he graduated with a BFA in Drama. A BFA is a "Bachelor of Fine Arts" and is known as the Professional theater degree in the Arts community. 

"There were two simple life-altering concepts that I picked up while at NYU, which have sustained and defined my creative life to this day. The first was to avoid the sucking vortex of “chasing work”—an often futile and soul deadening task for recent grads—by making, producing, and writing your own. That seems daunting and it was, but finding a way to do it and doing it again even when I failed taught me everything I know. The second idea was to make the kind of work you’d like to see. This provides a powerful compass because it teaches you what you care about... in my case a first film about a sex-addicted colonial theme park worker with intimacy issues."

Clark Gregg on Advice on struggling after Acting School 

May 2018

"The Idea that the performance that your trying to have is never any further away than when the person your acting with is a life changing tenant. I can't say enough of the gift that the combination of the beautiful theory that Mamet taught us and that the working actor Macy taught us how to use. I can't say enough about what that gave me, and that gave me a craft that i will continue practicing and humbly trying to improve at until my final breath as an actor."

Clark Gregg,

June 22, 2016

Atlantic Theater Company Member Spotlight: Clark Gregg


The style of acting that the Atlantic Theater Company teaches is called "Practical Aesthetics." There are 4 basic steps to breaking down a scene when using this technique. 

  • The "Literal": The essential and most basic, uninterpretive, description of what is taking place.

  • The "Want": What does one character ultimately want the other character to say or do.

  • The "Essential Action": A universal human desire that relates to the specific and essential nature of what your character wants within the scene.

  • The "As If": This relates the "essential action" to the actor's own life.

David Mamet and William H. Macy originally conceived this technique and brought it to the NYU Class and now to the Atlantic Theater Company in which Clark Gregg is one of the most famous and notable Practitioners of this technique. 

"First of all, commit the following names to memory. Caroline Seymour and Clark Gregg. The actors are twin peaks of theatrical inspiration in two thrilling staged black comedies (Mojo) Mr. Gregg is Baby, the mesmerizing man-child of Mojo. There’s a sleek sensuality about Mr. Gregg that comes to the fore in stunning moments, as when he breaks, suddenly, into a little two step across the stage. He embodies the creepy sense of peril that hands over the play all the way through to its shattering denouncement. The actor coils like a cobra in the role of Baby, the wired, unpredictable son of a murdered nightclub owner.


Listen to Mr.Gregg's baby speaking with eerie, bland sincerity of how skinny has stolen his very walk, or remembering the slaughter of a cow. (Mr. Gregg is so appealingly creepy that you forget that he's too old for the part)"

Ben Brantley, on Clark Gregg's performance in "Mojo" 

New York Times, 1997

"These men think nothing of betraying one another, let alone their lovers, and, should they get married, they do so only to avoid the bother of crawling ''through the gutter to get regular sex.'' As Jack (Clark Gregg), the most cynical of the trio, puts it: ''We're men. We do terrible things. Let's admit we like them and go on from there."

When they are sensitive or caring, chances are they are pulling a trick, the desired result of which is to lure a woman into bed. 

As directed with vitality by Mr. Macy on James Wolk's hip rollaway sets, the cast proves as promising as the author. The three leading men offer a deadly accurate sendup of masculine wiles, from the puppyish hysteria of Mr. Goldstein to the naive yet impenetrable narcissism of Mr. Lage to the witty, thinly veiled hostility of Mr. Gregg. "

Frank Rich's review of "Boy's Life" 

New York Times; March 1, 1988


As You Like it 
Off-Broadway; Production opened 5/22/1985 (Only 3 Performances) 
Directed by David Mamet/William H. Macy 
Character Name: Cynical Jack 

David Mamet's The Blue Hour

Off-Broadway; Vermont. Opened in 1985

Directed by Clark Gregg 

David Mamet's Yes, But So What?

Off-Broadway; Vermont. Opened in 1985

Directed by Clark Gregg

A Night Out

Chicago - Off-Broadway; 1986

Directed by James Bohnen 

Tom Donaghy's Audrey's Complaint 

Off-Broadway; Opened in 1987 

Directed by Clark Gregg 

Apocalyptic Butterflies 

Off-Broadway; Vermont. Opening in 1987

Directed by Clark Gregg 



NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Nov 6, 1987

Directed by William H. Macy 

Character Name: Matthew (a movie usher, nineteen) 

The Cherry Orchard

NYC - Off-Broadway; 1987

Goodman Theater

Directed by: Gregory Mosher 


The Detective 

NYC - Off Broadway; 1988

Character Name: Unknown 


The Girl in Pink 
Vermont - Off-Broadway, 1989
Character Name: Unknown 

NYC - Off-Broadway 
Character Name: Unknown 

Women and Water 
Montpelier, Vermont - Off-Broadway Production opened Summer of 1988
Directed by Stephen Schacter 
Other Cast Mates: Jordan Lage, Neil Pepe
Character Name: Cabell

Boy's Life 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Feb 29, 1988 - Closed May 29, 1988 

Directed by William H. Macy 

Other Cast Mates: Felicity Huffman, Robin Spielberg, Theo Cohan 

Character Name: Jack 

Imagining America 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened May 1989

Directed by Unknown

Other Cast Mates: William H. Macy 

Character Name: Clinton 

Man in a Restraunt 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened June 1990

Directed by William H. Macy 

Other Cast Mates: Mary McCann, William H. Macy, Neil Pepe, 

Character Name: Husband 

A Few Good Men 

NYC - Broadway; Production opened Nov 15, 1989 - Closed Jan 26, 1991

Directed by Don Scardino

Written by Aaron Sorkin

Other Cast Mates: Tom Hulce 

Character Name: Lt. Jack Ross 

Under Study: Lt. J. G. Daniel A. Kaffee

The Three Sisters 

A David Mamet Adaptation

Burlington Vermont - Off-Broadway; Opened August 1990 

Directed by William H. Macy 

Other Cast Mates: Felicity Huffman, Neil Pepe

Character Name: Vassily Vassilyevich Solyony 

The Old Boy 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened May 6, 1991  - Closed June 2, 1991

Directed by John Rubinstein 

Other Cast Mates: Stephen Collins, Matt McGrath 

Character Name: Bud 

Distant Fires

NYC/LA - Off-Broadway; Original Production opened Oct 11, 1991 - Closed Dec 1, 1991

2nd Production opened August 18, 1992 - Closed Oct 4, 1992. LA Production Closed Nov 29, 1993

Directed by Clark Gregg 

Cast in NYC: Jordan Lage, Giancarlo Esposito 

Cast in LA: Samuel L. Jackson, Matt McGrath 

Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love (also known as the "Naked Play") 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Sept 24, 1991 - Closed Dec 1, 1991

Directed by Derek Goldby 

Other Cast Mates: Sam Rockwell

Character Name: Bernie 

Nothing Sacred 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Oct 21, 1992

Directed by Max Mayer 

Other Cast Mates: Stephen Goldstein, Matt McGrath

Character Name: Bazarov 


NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Oct 1, 1996 

Directed by Clark Gregg

Written by David Mamet 

Cast: Jordan Lage, Neil Pepe 


NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Nov 10, 1997 

Directed by Neil Pepe

Other Cast Mates: Chris Baur 

Character Name: Baby

The Big Empty 

Los Angeles - Off-Broadway; 

Directed by Clark Gregg 

Written by Clark Gregg and David Mamet 

Sexual Perversity in Chicago/ The Duck Variations 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Jan 12, 2000 - Closed Feb 6, 2000

Directed by Hilary Hinckle

Written by David Mamet 

Other Cast Mates: Josh Hamilton

Character Name: Bernard 

The Night Heron 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Sept 15, 2003 - Closed Oct 7, 2003

Directed by Neil Pepe 

Other Cast Mates: Chris Baur

Character Name: Griffin 

The Normal Heart 

Los Angeles - Off-Broadway; May 17, 2010

Staged Reading 

Character Name: Ben Weeks 

Happy Hour 

NYC - Off-Broadway; Production opened Nov 16, 2011 - Closed Dec 5, 2011

Directed by Ethan Coen and Neil Pepe 

Other Cast Mates: Amanda Quaid, Cassie Beck

Character Name: Koch/Buck 

The Thrilling Adventure Hour 

Los Angeles Staged Production - October 6, 2013 ( two performances) 

Directed by Neil Mahoney and Aaron Ginsburg 

Other Cast Mates: Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Paget Brewster, Chris Hardwick

Character Name: Captain Sandy Manlius, Mason Grantz 

The Christopher Boy's Communion 

Los Angeles - Off-Broadway; Production - Feb 13, 2020 - Feb 23, 2020 (11 performances only) 

Directed/Written by David Mamet 

Other Cast Mates: William H. Macy, Rebecca Pidgeon, David Paymer 

Character Name: Alan 

24 Hour Plays:  The Far - Flung Four

From Home - Zoom;  Production - Dec 1, 2020 (1 Night only) 

Directed by Gordon Greenberg

Written by Jonathan Marc Sherman

Other Cast Mates: Noah Galvin, Josh Hamilton, Katherine McNamara & Phillip Lin

Character Name: Ben


Cross Patch

WNUR Chicago Radio, March 1985

Director: David Mamet 

Revenge of the Space Pandas 

NYC - National Public Radio; 1988

Director: Karen Kohlhaas 


Slave Play - Broadway - Oct 6, 2019 

A Play is a Poem - Los Angeles - Off-Broadway - Sept 21, 2019

Hangman - New York - Off-Broadway - Feb. 9, 2018

Hamilton - Off-Broadway; Los Angeles, Sept 30, 2017 

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