Clark Gregg began his acting career in theater but in between working on "Boy's Life" and "A Few Good Men" he began branching out to movies and television. 


​Clark's first movie credit is "Things Change" in 1988 as a Stage Manager. He later went on to be the lead role in "Lana in Love." Clark has worked on many major movies that include "The Adventures of Sebastian Cole", "State and Main", "We Were Soldiers", "Iron Man", "Captain Marvel" among other big named hits. 

Clark has worked on a lot of television movies as well.  He started out on his first role in a TV movie "Lip Service" in 1988. He appeared in "Tyson", "Live from Baghdad" and headlined a Christmas TV movie with his wife Jennifer Grey, named "The Road to Christmas", in 2008. 

Clark's first television role was "Law and Order" in 1991. Clark has made a huge name in television as he has worked on big name TV shows like "Touched by an Angel", "Sports Night", "Sex and the City", "Will and Grace", "The West Wing", all the way to the main two television shows he was a main role for - "New Adventures of Old Christine" as Richard and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." as Agent Phil Coulson. 

Despite all his accolades whether on television, in movies or on stage in theater, Clark amazingly enough found time to write his own scripts. He wrote "What Lies Beneath" headlined by Harrison Ford. He wrote "Choke" which was headlined by Sam Rockwell as well as "Trust Me" which was headlined by Amanda Peet and himself. 


Things Change  /  1988

Stage Manager

Fat Man and Little Boy  /  1989

Douglas Panton

Lana in Love  /  1991


Ride Me  /  1994

Jake Shank

I Love Trouble  /  1994

Darryl Beekman Jr


Clear and Present Danger  /  1994

Staff Sergeant

The Usual Suspects  /  1995

Dr. Walters

Above Suspicion 1995


The Spanish Prisoner /  1997

FBI Sniper

The Last Time I Committed Suicide /  1997

Cop #1

Six Ways to Sunday /  1997

Benjamin Taft

Hot Sauce /  1997


The Adventures of Sebastian Cole /  1998

Hank/Henrietta Rossi

Magnolia /  1999

WDKK Floor Director

State and Main / 2000

Doug Mackenzie

A.I. Artificial Intelligence / 2001


Lovely and Amazing / 2001


One Hour Photo / 2002

Detective Paul Outerbridge

We Were Soldiers / 2002

Captain Tom Metsker

Northfork / 2003

Mr. Hadfield

The Human Stain / 2003

Nelson Primus

11:14 / 2003

Officer Hanna

Spartan / 2004


In Enemy Hands / 2004

U.S.S. SwordFish Executive Officer

Teddy Goodman

In Good Company / 2004

Mark Steckle

When a Stranger Calls / 2006

Ben Johnson

Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas / 2006


Hoot / 2006

Chuck Muckle

In the Land of Women / 2007

Helson Hardwicke

The Air I Breathe / 2007


Choke / 2008

Lord High Charlie

Iron Man / 2008

Agent Phil Coulson

(500) Days of Summer / 2009


Iron Man 2 / 2010

Agent Phil Coulson

Thor / 2011

Agent Phil Coulson

Mr. Popper's Penguins / 2011

Nat Jones

The Consultant (Marvel One-Shot) / 2011

Agent Phil Coulson

A Funny thing happened on the way to Thor's Hammer (Marvel One-Shot) / 2011

Agent Phil Coulson

The Avengers / 2012

Agent Phil Coulson

Much Ado About Nothing / 2012


Brightest Star / 2012

Mr. Markovic

The To Do List / 2013

Judge George Klark

Labor Day / 2013


Trust Me / 2013

Howard Holloway

Very Good Girls / 2014

Edward Berger

Thrilling Adventure Hour Live / 2015

Mason Grantz

Live by Night / 2016

Chief Inspector Calvin Bordurant

Spinning Man / 2018


Captain Marvel / 2019

Agent Phil Coulson

Run Sweetheart Run / 2020


Moxie / 2020



Lip Service / 1988 

(TV Movie) 

Stage Manager


Law and Order  / 1991

(Life Choice)

Patrick Dunne

Shannon's Deal / 1991 

(2 Episodes)


A Woman Named Jackie / 1991

(TV Mini-Series)

Ken O'Donnell

General Motors Playwrights / 1992

(1 Episode) " I Remember You"

Young Paul 

Another World / 1992

(1 episode) 

Olivia's Obstetrician 

As the World Turns / 1993

(1 episode) 

Russell Clark 

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles / 1993

(Princeton, Feb 1916)


George Carlin Show / 1994

(George Does a Bad Thing)


The Boys are Back 1994

Season 1


The Commish  / 1995

(2 Episodes)

Tom Cannon

Central Park West  1995

(Behind your Back)


Tyson  /  1995


 Paulie Dodge / 1996 


Unknown (CBS did not pick up series)


Touched by an Angel   / 1996 

(Lost and Found)

Don Dudley

Sports Night  / 2000

(S2-E21 La Forza Del Destino, E22 Quo Vadimus)

The Stranger aka Calvin Trager

 Sex and the City   / 2000

(Don't Ask, Don't Tell)

Harris Bragen

The Practice  / 2000

(Brother's Keepers)

Julie McGrath's Brother

The West Wing  / 2001-04

(8 Episodes)

FBI Agent Michael Casper 

My Sister's Keeper  / 2002

(TV Movie)


Live from Baghdad  / 2002

(TV Movie)

Eason Jordan

Will and Grace  / 2003

(May Divorce Be with You)


The Shield  / 2004

(2 Episodes)

William Faulks

 CSI: New York   / 2005

(The Fall)

D.A. Allen McShane

The Road to Christmas / 2006

(TV Movie) 

Tom Pullman

The New Adventures of Old Christine / 2006-10

(Main Cast; 88 Episodes)

Richard Campbell

 Comedy Bang! Bang!  / 2013

(Clark Gregg wears a navy blazer & white collard shirt) 


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD  / 2013 - 2020

(Main Cast; 136 Episodes)

Agent Phil Coulson

Director Phil Coulson


L.M.D. Coulson

Lip Sync Battle / 2016

(Clark Gregg v. Hayley Atwell 


Battlebots / 2016


 SMILF   / 2019

(Single Mom is Loosing Faith)

Mr. Daddy

The Conners   / 2020

2 Episodes 

(Bad Dads and Grads; Beards, Thrupples and Robots)



Cross Patch

WNUR Chicago Radio, March 1985

Director: David Mamet 

Revenge of the Space Pandas 

NYC - National Public Radio; 1988

Director: Karen Kohlhaas 


Ultimate Spider-Man  /  2012-17

(Main Cast; 29 Episodes)

Agent Phil Coulson/ Principal Coulson

Lego Marvel Super Heroes  / 2013

Agent Phil Coulson

Marvel Heroes  / 2013

Agent Phil Coulson

Lego Marvel's Avengers  / 2016

Agent Phil Coulson



Mailman  /  1996


Too Legit  / 2016

Dr. Mekel

What Lies Beneath  /  2000


Choke  /  2008

Writer/ Director

A Breakfast Nook / 2010


Trust Me  /  2013

Writer/ Director

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD  /  2013 - 2020

Director S5 - Ep 6

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD  /  2013 - 2020

Director S6 - Ep 1

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