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Clark Gregg with Brian and Co



As stated, many times over the years, Clark credits his 10 year “Coulson Journey" to the fans.  Phil Coulson was a every man type of guy.  His “superpower” is his heart.  He cared deeply for the millions who was put into danger, but also the superheroes he bonded with every single day.  The fans resonated with him and literally brought him back to life with the #CoulsonLives movement.


Now men dress up as him, kids look up to him and women faun over him.

Have you met Clark?

Do you cosplay as Coulson?

Do you create art or edits?

We would love to add them to the gallery!  

"It’s fun for me to go to Comic-Con. Because Agent Phil Coulson - now Director Phil Coulson - is a bit of a nerd. He had an awkward man-crush on Captain America. When he died, the nerds brought him back to life with a hastag, #CoulsonLives. The nerds, my people, as a nerd, they have a real connection with Phil Coulson. So when I go there, it’s real fun."

Clark Gregg, Jimmi Kimmel Live

 September 2014

"I thought I was a comics fan because I had a period, when I was a kid, when I really loved them and I drew them a lot in class and, you know, knew pretty much about the ones I liked. But then I went to comic-con. And I discovered that it was like watching one baseball game and calling yourself a major leaguer."

Clark Gregg, Speakeasy

 July 2012

"I usually go and buy all the comics – I've been trying to get all the runs of stuff that I used to have. When I go trick-or-treating with my daughter, I see little boys in Avengers costumes, and I get to step in front of them and go “What'd you get?” and they go “Ooh, it's Agent Phil Coulson!” To put that smile on a kid or a fan's face – it makes it fun for me to come to a con."

Clark Gregg, The Wall Street Journal

 Oct 14, 2014

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