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Celebrate CG's 60th Birthday w/ CGU!

We are putting together a Fan video to show Clark how much his fans love him! If you love AoS, Phil Coulson or Marvel in general, please tell him! If you love the man himself and maybe he helped you with your anxiety or helped you find Dare. Tell him! Maybe he even helped bring awareness to your PTSD through Operation Mend in LA. We want him to feel loved and so special on his special day!

On top of the video, we are putting together an E-File. So any artwork, videos, stories or even written thanks, send those in to us. It will be given to him directly.

Let's band together and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARK GREGG!

Due date of any of the above is March 30th. His birthday is April 2nd so we need time to put it all together.

Please send any and all items to

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