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Clark Gregg is coming to London!

If you have been hanging on hope since 2020 that Clark Gregg is coming to London. HE IS!

The official LFCC page has not only confirmed but added an extra day to his appearance.

Below is the official updated list, prices and news.

For purchase:

Autograph £65

Photo Shoot £65

Sunday Talk £20

Green Screen AoS logo (Sat Only) £75

Green Screen Tahiti Beach (Sun Only) £75

Diamond Pass (Saturday Only) £165

*1x Autograph

*1x Standard Photo Shoot

*1x Gift

Diamond Pass (Sunday Only) £185

*1x Standard Autograph

*1x Standard Photo Shoot

*1x Talk

*1x Gift

To purchase tickets for entry to the event as well as any of the above for the Clark Gregg experience, Click Here.



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