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Friends, Family and Fans wish Clark Gregg a Happy 60th Birthday

April 2nd was Clark Gregg's 60th Birthday. The world responded in kind to wish this amazing actor and human being a Happy Birthday.

Clark Gregg is known for Agent Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he is also known as a kind hearted individual and the world responded in kind to show him how much he is beloved.

Tracy Pollan & Michael J. Fox wished Clark a Happy Birthday with these awesome photos!

A very special HBD posts from Daughter Stella Gregg & Ex-Wife, Jennifer Grey.

Long time friends from different sports that Clark has enjoyed.

Christopher Wright (Surfing)

Tabrez Yousuf (Basketball)

Anne Carmack (BJJ)

A Special HBD video from Dare - Michelle Cavanaugh

(Love that she printed out a pic of his tattoo from CGU!)

Fellow Agents of SHIELD Co-Stars Elizabeth Henstridge & her husband Zachary Burr Abel, Chloe Bennet & Jaimie Alexander

Clark also received thousands of Birthday wishes spanning from Twitter, IG, Facebook and other social media platforms. Here are a few!

We hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, sir. We love you!

Happy 60th, Clark!

Here is CGU's video to the one and only, Clark Gregg!



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