Wanna listen to me and my friends discussing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seasons 1-5 and fangirling over Clark, Ming-Na, their characters and Philinda?  Beware, this bunch of fans can talk about it all for HOURS! 

Myself, Nicole, Jennifer, Mary Beth and YOU? get together weekly to discuss past episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and to bring you our thoughts about Philinda. We tend to laugh a lot and we are often told it sounds like we are just having a party. 

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We know, after Season 7, how hard it was on the Philinda fandom. Our goal is to bring you smiles, laughs and love when it comes to the fandom and Philinda. Our #1 goal is to help you escape reality and jump into this amazing ship with us. 


We couldn't be more thankful for our ship captains Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen who never let us Philinda fans down. 

We tend to record on Saturday afternoons, so please make sure to comment with your thoughts and any questions  You can also email us at Philindaverse@gmail.com or ClarkGreggUniversity@gmail.com. 

We can't wait to hear from you! 


Favorite AU: 

To Find Your Way Back by Nan119 (Rated M) Link

To Risk Everything by Brokenbookaddict (Rated E) Link

Hope is for suckers and a guy named Phil by Nerd_Alert19 (Rated T) Link

May's Anatomy by Marvelleous (Rated M) Link

Favorite Babyfic: 

Hold on to the now, the here by Oparu (Rated T) Link

Under the Star Light by Oparu (Rated M) Link 

Favorite Slowburn: 

From Your Head Down to Your Toes by AgentMMayy (Rated G) Link

At My Fingertips by Nerd_Alert19 (Rated T) Link

Shadows and Shapes by Kataliz (Rated T) Link


Favorite Framework: 

If the Frame Fits by BDoyle1807 (Rated G) Link 

Kisses are a better fate than wisdom by Jessica Whitley (Rated M) Link

Impulses and Desires by Chloeyo (Rated T) Link

Wait for me to come home by AgentMayson (Rated T) Link

Favorite Prof. Coulson:

Feel for you by Ellie603 (Rated T) Link 

Favorite Academy: 

Christmas in Manitowoc by Nerd_Alert19 (Rated G) Link

I Turn you into a metaphor by Jessica Whitley (Rated E) Link 

He's All That by SuallenParker (Rated T) Link

Academy Days by ItsAMagicalPlace (Rated T) Link

Partners by DDAgent (Rated E) Link

Favorite Holiday: 

Lover by BrokenbookAddict (Rated E) Link

Snowed In by Suallenparker (Rated E) Link 

Joy to you and me by JessicaWhitley (Rated T) Link

The more we get together by Anarchycox (Rated G) Link

Favorite Completed: 

Restart my love by YulianaHenderson (Rated E) Link 

Shut Me Up by YulianaHenderson (Rated E) Link 

The little things we find hope in by Nerd_Alert19 (Rated G) Link 

Subtract the distance by ItsAMagicalPlace (Rated T) Link 

Option Three by MeanderingSoul (Rated E) Link

Stop the Presses by Anarchycox (Rated M) Link

Favorite WIP (Work in Progress): 

Adventures in Parasailing by AgentMMayy (Rated E) Link  

Warmth of a Winter's Sun by Katalizi (Rated T) Link 

Favorite One-Shot: 

Wasted Opportunities by BrokenBookAddict (Rated E) Link

Federal Regulations by Sabinelagrande (Rated E) Link 

Skirts should have pockets by They Call Me the Calvary (Rated E) Link

Dead man walking by BrokenBookAddict (Rated M) Link

Actor AU: 

Remedy by MellieMay (Rated E) Link

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