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The Christopher Boy's Communion review by Cass (@PWACinLA)

Photo Credit Darrett Sanders

We want to personally thank @PWACinLA (Cass) for this amazing non-spoiler review of "The Christopher Boy's Communion" by David Mamet.

David Mamet’s new play is at times frustrating with his unique style of dialogue, fascinating with it’s commentary on both society at large and individuals that make up that society, intriguing with a twist ending you really won’t see coming and performed with a level of precision that will reignite any theatre goers desire to attend live performances.

In this age of liberal compassion, political correctness, highly paid lawyers and public manipulation have we tied the hands of justice? Is justice even the end goal anymore?

Do our beliefs shape the world we live in or does the world we live in shape our beliefs?

Can you simultaneously be a loving parent and a bad person?

These are just some of the questions The Christopher Boy’s Communion manages to invoke in the audience’s mind without invoking judgment. No easy feat given the topic being dealt with.

As for the performers, William H Macy delivers a passionate performance brilliantly complemented by Laura Bauer’s costuming, placing his cop character in costuming that looks as if he was born wearing it.

Dominic Hoffman, portraying a man of few words holds his own in his scenes with Mr. Macy easily conveying the position we’ve all found ourselves in at one time or another. That of sounding board to a passionate but perhaps misguided diatribe on any topic.

Rebecca Pidgeon and Clark Gregg portraying parents thrust into an unwanted and unwelcome situation manage to portray a loving but unequal and perhaps disconnected marriage while simultaneously portraying a passionately desperate mother and a confused but determined father.

Rebecca Pidgeon gives a powerful performance as a woman you want to strongly dislike and as a mother you understand. It’s a difficult role and Ms. Pidgeon passionately delivers, once again wonderfully complemented by Ms. Bauer’s costuming.

Clark Gregg manages to imbue a performance spent mostly sitting down or standing still with a nuanced level of nervous energy, frustration and determination so as to make you wonder how many hours he spent in front of a mirror perfecting his delivery.

Fionnula Flanagan steals the show with her brief scene in which she delivers an understated performance which reminds you of what intimate theatre is all about.

David Paymer and John Pirruccello round out the talented cast, each more than holding their own on this stage packed with top-notch talent.

The only thing that could have made the experience better is if I had been smart enough to purchase tickets for a second performance.

We want to Thanks to Cass for sending this fantastic review for the new David Mamet Play.

Tickets are Sold Out for all the remaining performances, however if you want to try and see this incredibly talented cast, call 310-477-2055 ext. 2 for the waiting list.

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