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Gregg family evacuates due to #GettyFire

On Monday, Oct 28, 2019, Clark Gregg tweeted out that they were being affected by the Getty Fire. His family along with their beloved pets had to leave their residence in Southern California to stay in a hotel until the fire was contained enough to return.

Clark Tweeted the following:

The Getty Fire broke out around 1:30 am on the West Side of Los Angeles CA along the 405 Freeway near the Getty Center. Due to the fire, the LAFD sent out a alert for people to leave their residences which included Clark Gregg and his family. Thankfully no one in his family was injured and they received enough notice to evacuate.

Clark posted this Screenshot of the alert to his Instagram Story on Monday morning.

Without any other updates, we are under the impression Clark and his family are back in their home safely. Clark hasn't made any specific updates, however he did Re-post a Image of the LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) that his good friend and fellow Avenger's Co-Star Cobie Smulders posted yesterday afternoon.

Please keep LA and all the hard working fire fighters in your thoughts as they continue to battle this horrible situation. There has been a few places in the area that the evacuation order has been lifted but there are still many area's that still are under evacuation orders as of Oct 31, 2019 - 10 AM from the LAFD.

At this time of writing, there has been 7,091 residents that are considered threatened and 12 homes have been destroyed. 0 Civilian Injuries have been reported but 2 fire fighters have been injured (non-life threatening)

Current standing of Size of Wild Fire is 745 Acres and it is 39% Contained.

Fore more information on the Getty Fire, please go to



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