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Does Clark Gregg have a new project coming up?

There has been no speculation lately on any new projects for Clark. He recently talked about being at home and getting restless recently on a podcast. Many have begun to wonder when we are going to get to see him again other than Agents of SHIELD Season 7 which is set to come out next summer.

Due to no speculation, a few photos surfaced on Instagram in which on 11/6/19 someone posted about getting to meet Agent Coulson. Normally that would not raise questions, however Clark is seen wearing scrubs in the photographs.

Picture credit goes to @beanz_dgaf on Instagram. "Took this yesterday with agent coulson"

Could Clark have a new role coming up as a Doctor or a Surgeon? Only time will tell, he has had past roles as such and even did a Commercial years ago in which he was promoting the drug named "Micatin".

Clark has only appeared in a few roles as a Doctor, most recently as Dr. Mekel in the movie "Too Legit" which was a short film in 2016.

Do you think Clark has a new role coming up? What are your thoughts on the matter and all the speculation? Comment on our Social Media platforms!



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