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Congratulations to our first CGU Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Clark Gregg University as well as entered our first official contest. From the end of November through out the month of December, our goal was to not only find out from fans why they love #AgentsofShield but also to find out what their favorite #PhilCoulson scene or moment was.

Clark Gregg has portrayed Phil Coulson for the last 11 years but Clark has been in our hearts for far longer. Which is why this website means so much to us. I just want to personally thank everyone for not only visiting this website and enjoying it but also because without you guys, this would have not been possible. I want to personally thank Clark for everything he has given to us fans between films and TV but also for being the best human being in this world. You are such a treasure and we love and appreciate you so very much.

We had so many visitors and entries for the first contest and it truly warmed my heart. We have now grown to over 1500 unique views for this website but also have close to 500 followers through out social media. We can not say THANK YOU enough here at CGU! We hope that not only the number grows but we just want a wonderful place for fellow Clark Gregg fans to go to and enjoy his body of work to the fullest!

Our first official contest ran for close to a month and the winner was announced on December 16, 2019. The winner received a authentic autograph from Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen. Ming-Na is Clark's counter part on the Television series, Marvels Agents of SHIELD. She portrays Agent Melinda May and they co-exist as the ship named, "Philinda".

We want to say thank you to everyone who entered but also to the winner herself, Karis. You all may know her as fan-fiction writer and artist @nightsisterkaris on Instagram and @NightsisterK on Twitter.

We will soon be announcing details for our next contest. It will consist around Clark Gregg's birthday (April 2nd). We can't wait to share details, so keep checking back with us as well as follow us on our Social Media accounts to keep up to date with everything Clark Gregg related.




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