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Clark's character name and role confirmed in "Run Sweetheart Run"

We can officially confirm Clark's role as well as his character's name in his most recent movie "Run Sweetheart Run" now that a few details have been announced.

Via UFC Unfiltered, Clark Gregg says that he plays a "bad white guy" in the film which is a horror/thriller. He also said that this feature film could be compared to "Get Out" which was released in 2017 as well as produced by Blumhouse Productions.

We can also confirm after reaching out for information, Clark's character's name in Run Sweetheart Run is James.

We can also confirm that James is a Lawyer and boss to Cherie (Ella Balinska).

Run Sweetheart Run recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival at the midnight showing located at the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah.

We reached out to Amanda Jaros who also stars in the film as Nancy on her thoughts on seeing the premiere.

It was great! Looking forward to everyone seeing it in theaters!"

Clark was advertised and expected to appear at Sundance. However, Clark was unable to make it this year even though we previously announced it as confirmed. We are unaware of the reasoning behind the cancellation.

Run Sweetheart Run is scheduled for a UK release in April 2020 and a US Theater release later this year.

For more information as it develops, keep checking back with us for current and upcoming projects. We keep all upcoming appearances and projects on the homepage for everyone to see.



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