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Clark Gregg voted in on Local Board for SAG-AFTRA

A total of 122,154 ballots were mailed. Of the total number of votes, 32,362 were returned, equating to a return of 26.49%. In the election for president, Drescher received 16,958 votes, followed by Matthew Modine with 15,371 votes.

Clark Gregg was voted in on the LA Local Board Member 2 year Term with 4,249 votes (30.95%)

Clark Gregg was voted in as a Convention Delegate, 1 year term on the National Board with 3,047 votes (22.20%)

Those members elected as Local Officers, Local Board members and Convention Delegates, by virtue of their election to those positions, are eligible to serve as Alternate National Board members who may be called upon to serve at National Board meetings when National Board members from the Los Angeles Local are unable to attend. The Local President, Local Officers and National Board members, by virtue of their election to those positions, shall also serve as Convention Delegates. The Local Officers also serve on the Local Executive Committee.

The newly elected leaders take office immediately.

For more information about SAG-AFTRA or the Results tabulation, Click Here.



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