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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

We here at CGU would like to thank everyone for their support. Almost a year ago, we set out this adventure to bring you the most up to date source on Clark Gregg and we feel that we have delivered. We also hope that we are able to continue to deliver!

Starting this Saturday on Kast (app) we will be live streaming Clark Gregg movies and Episodes from TV Shows he has starred in. We would love your feedback on things YOU want to watch so please don't hesitate to Email Us or DM your thoughts.

For the first month, we will be streaming the following:

9/12 - State and Main

9/19 - Lana in Love

9/26 - Trust Me

To download the app to join us on Saturday, go to

Once you have joined, you may either contact us directly or await on Friday 9/11 and we will release publicly the room code to join. Once you join, this is the only time a code will be required. There is a chat area while watching.

The other fun project we just unveiled is our amazing new Photo Gallery which includes over 12,000 pictures on debut as every Film and Television Appearance is featured.

(We are only missing his appearance on NBC Show Shannon's Deal, we hope to have news on that soon)

Check out CGU today, where CLASS IS ALWAYS IN SESSION! We look forward to chatting and watching with you this Saturday evening.

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