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Clark Gregg supports cousin Kathryn Garcia for NYC Mayor run

This Sunday, Kathryn Garcia of New York City, is laying out her impressive vision for NYC at 2pm est. Kathryn is throwing a virtual event as she is a candidate for Mayor of NYC and she is being joined by Rohi Aggarvala, Domingo Morales and her cousin, Agent Coulson himself, Clark Gregg.

The event is being hosted by Louis Bruce, Jenni Dickson, Nora Goldstein, Emily Osgood, Stephanie Printz, Chloe Squires & Clem Wood. The event is viewable once you secure a ticket by donating to her candidacy.

To donate and secure your ticket click here.

Donations to attend start at $20. If you're unable to attend but you still want to donate towards this effort, you can do so at the link above as well.



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