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Naivety was a nice of way of saying it. I mean I’m a perv and I read it and I loved it, and I thought it’s cinematic, it’s got the Colonial village and it’s funny and it’s the saddest thing that I ever laughed hysterically at. It felt like an unbelievably unique blend of that stuff, and I also felt like the whole kind of notion of sexual compulsion and the kind of transformation of that into intimacy, or the attempt to, felt like something that’s really everywhere, and not explored in any movies. After I started working on it or later when we started to get the movie made, people said, “I never thought there was a movie in that book.” I didn’t know any of that and other people said, “You must be so intimidated because he has such ardent, even psycho, fans, you know, plus you must have been really intimidated by having to live up to ‘Fight Club.'” If I’d been smart enough to pay attention to any three of those three things, I never would have tried to do it. I would never have really processed any of that until it was way too late.

Clark Gregg on what made him want to tackle Chuck's novel for his first film as director. Sept 22, 2008


Clark Gregg, 



Comic Con

Feb 29 - Mar 1, 2020. 

Clark attending: both days.

35th Anniversary

Atlantic Theater Gala

Clark Gregg & Jennifer Grey

Couple's Choice section of the evening

March 2, 2020 

768 Fifth Ave, New York.


Fan Fusion

May 21-24, 2020. 

Clark attending: Saturday and Sunday.