The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Stayed tuned!

1. Follow any of our Social Media Accounts and Share the contest! 

2. We want to make this a special contest to honor Clark.

His birthday is coming up on April 2nd and we want to make this a special birthday

as well as this being the first birthday with the website open.

So below is how you can make this extra special for him. 

A) We want you to create any kind of Fan Art, Fan Video, or anything you want Clark to see.

The twist though is to make it about Clark and not Phil Coulson or anything MCU.

Focus on the many other projects Clark Gregg has done in his long career as an actor. 

Send any contribution to


Donation is not mandatory to enter this contest. 

This is a extra option if you do not want to participate in the creation part of the contest or a way to gain extra entries into the Contest. 


B) We want to make this super special for him so the other part of his birthday gift is charity.

Clark is very big into helping people. We are letting you chose which charity to donate to

for this Birthday gift to Clark. He holds two charities very close to his heart. 

NAMI.  To learn about Clark's close work with NAMI, click here

Operation Mend.  Clark participated in a Verteran's Day Parade alongside Operation Mend LA in NYC. 

Click here to read more.

To Donate Via Website 
To Donate Via Operation Mend
To Donate Via NAMI 

 How to Donate? How Much to donate? 

We ask that you donate a minimum of $5 U.S. Dollars 

For every dollar over, will be a extra entry into the contest. 

You can either donate through here (please put which charity you wish to donate to) 


You can make the donation through their official sites.

All you need to do is send a e-mail to us at with a receipt 

and make sure we can see the amount and confirmation code. 


At the end of the Contest, we will reveal how much we raised for each charity

in honor of Clark Gregg's birthday! 

To learn more about each charity click on the links below 

NAMI     Operation Mend

There will be a total of 3 winners for this contest. Each will be picked at random. 

The contest will close March 27th at midnight.

Good Luck and of course, Happy Birthday Clark! 

Alongside Clark's Birthday, we want to celebrate 1 year since Clark returned to the big screen with Marvel. 

Below is the prize selection.

1st Prize

Full Captain Marvel Bag Clip Collection

2nd Prize

2 Un-opened Captain Marvel Bag Clips

3rd Place 

1 un-opened Captain Marvel Bag clip

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